We're glad you're here! Explore the technical documentation for the APIs available as part of the DISH Wireless Cloud Developer Platform.

Connectivity Service

Build, manage and provision your network to meet your Quality of Service needs for your connected devices.

in-network cloud service

Run your applications and data workload where it is most efficient, ranging from the base of a cell tower to a national data center.

service observability

Gain insights into the status and health of your network, services and devices.

network infrastructure service

Configure your network and applications, including integrating to your existing infrastructure.


Validate and experiment to understand how your network configuration will behave.

The services and interfaces listed above reflect currently contemplated offerings and technologies.  DISH Wireless reserves the right to edit, modify or otherwise change such offerings, technologies or interfaces at anytime, for any reason, and without providing any obligation to inform any person thereof.  Any information provided herein is provided “AS IS” and DISH shall not incur any liability to any person for any inaccuracies therein or changes with respect thereto.